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We are FIREHORSE Creative.

Our core team is made up local professionals of the Greater Concord community. While at times when needed, we bring in additional support – all of our work is done right here – which is important to consider when choosing a creative services firm. We don't take work in and outsource it to offshore companies to be done cheaply as some other organizations do.

When you work with FIREHORSE, you're working directly with the people designing, coding and developing your project. That has a lot of value when it comes to deciding who to use for your next project.

Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith

Founding Partner/Creative Director/Web Designer

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As Creative Director, Stephen is responsible for the visual design of everything FIREHORSE creates.  From websites to brochures, logos and so on… Stephen brings nearly 30 years of creative design experience into each and every project. His strength in design and passion for art is evident in everything he does, no matter the size and scope of what needs to be done.

With an extensive background working with award-winning advertising agencies, Stephen’s exposure to clients of all shapes and sizes has helped to develop the foundation for his talents. This, paired with the entrepreneurial spirt of working for himself since graduating college with a degree in graphic design, has shaped him into the driven and detail-oriented designer he is today.

When it comes to websites, Stephen has been designing for the web for the last twenty years – seeing and experiencing the constant changes and developments in the Internet and how sites work. Though design styles and best practices have changed numerous times over the years, one thing hasn’t – and still holds true: the need for a well designed site that is easy to navigate and deliver the information in a clear and easy-to-use way. It doesn’t matter if a website is for a small local shop, or large national brand – every site should make it easy to use for the visitor.

Stephen has been recognized by the New England Direct Marketing Association (NEDMA), the NH Internet Awards, Ad Club of NH, American Graphic Design Awards and the NH Graphic Arts Association for creative excellence.

Dan Curren

Dan Curren

Founding Partner/Technology Director/Web Developer

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Dan is the development side of the FIREHORSE Creative team. He handles everything ranging from new website programming, database management, hosting support, tech support and more. Dan has a passion for technology and works hard to stay ahead of the curve on the latest web technology innovations.

Dan started working on websites part time in 2003. Seeing the Internet evolve during those early years helped to inspire a passion of technology and newly available features on the web. Over time, Dan began focusing his time and schooling more and more on web development before finally launching Simple Man Web Design LLC, a popular and emerging sub contracting partner for many creative firms in satisfying the website design and development needs of their clients. Dan was often considered the "go-to" developer for content management and development solutions.

Dan specializes in PHP, MySQL, CMS - Content Management System, SEO, CSS, HTML, XHMTL and Javascript. Dan is also experienced in many third party CMS systems such as Joomla, Wordpress and Magento.

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